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How Long Does it Take Neurolens to Work?

Do your eyes get tired and give you headaches often, especially at the end of the day? Do you also suffer from neck and shoulder pain?

Are You a Candidate for Neurolens?

As technology advances, it provides new ways of improving vision and dealing with eye problems. However, digital eye strain is a growing issue with the shift toward remote working and learning.

Neurolens: What It Is and How It Works

Do you experience tired eyes, sore neck, or headaches after using the computer or reading? If so, you may be suffering from digital eye strain. However, in some cases, your symptoms may be due to an eye misalignment, such as convergence insufficiency.

Different Types of Eye Infections and How to Prevent Them

Most minor eye infections heal on their own, but others may be more serious and lead to permanent vision loss. It is crucial to get treatment if you experience eye or vision changes. Find out the different types of eye infections and how to prevent them.

Personal Eye Care: Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Vision Problems

Eye care is an essential part of overall health and well-being. You can help prevent vision problems and maintain good eye health by taking care of your eyes and following simple lifestyle tips. 

What Is Considered an Eye Care Emergency?

Your eyes are one of your body's most vulnerable and sensitive parts. As such, it is very easy for you to get eye injuries from normal day-to-day activities. Eye injuries are common, but some can lead to complete vision loss if not treated. The most common types of eye emergencies result from injuries.

Winter Sun Safety: What to Know About Protecting Your Eyes

It's already fall, and the temperatures are lower now in most places than just a month ago. There is more precipitation and overcast days as we approach winter. During these cloudy, cool days and winter, it is easy to think you do not need UV protection. Most people relate vigilant sun protection with summertime, but it is just as important in the winter.

5 Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor Before a Contact Lens Exam

Contact lens exams are ideal for determining the size and type of contact lenses you need. They help you get contacts that manage your eye health problems and improve visual acuity. Visiting your eye doctor is the best time to ask them questions about a contact lens exam. Read on to know what questions to ask then.

How Important Is Routine Eye Care?

Yes, it is vital to include eye care in your general health care routine. If your eyes work fine, it is easy to disregard routine eye care, but it remains crucial. Eye doctors recommend getting eye exams every year, whether you have poor eyesight or not.

How Pediatric Eye Care Impacts Success in School

Clinical studies prove that children can have vision problems that affect their school success. Such issues are more than not being able to see the board. Statistics show that in the United States, school-aged children are significantly affected. One out of five preschoolers suffer from vision problems. Fortunately, pediatric eye care can solve this problem. Read on to learn how it can impact their academic success. 

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