What to Consider When Buying Designer Eyewear

Too much exposure to the sun can cause eye problems and accelerate the effects of aging. It can result in cataracts, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy. Designer eyewear gives you value for your money, unlike cheap sunglasses that may claim protection but provide none. So, what should you consider to ensure you are getting the best?


Factors to Consider


When buying designer eyewear, get the function you need. However, also ensure you have the style you deserve. Designer brands are unique, stylish, and you can choose from a wide variety. So, what factors can make or break your decision?


UV Protection


Always remember to choose eyewear that is 100 percent UV blocking. Check for labels that indicate “UV absorption up to 400nm” this is the same thing. Make sure you get the best protection for your eyes.


The color or the darkness of the lens does not indicate that the sunglasses have UV protection. They must have certain chemicals in their lens material or a special lens coating. These chemicals improve the UV immersion of your eyewear so that it can absorb UV light.




In addition to UV protection, the tint or amount of light your sunglasses block is also a factor to consider. They should screen out at least 75 to 90 percent of light. If you wear them in the shop and do not notice any difference, they are not dark enough.


Grey tints are the best for driving. They screen out light without distorting color. Gradient lenses screen light without clouding your view, while brown lenses reduce glare and blue light.


Size of Lenses


Size matters when it comes to eyewear. It contributes to the coverage on your face and the protection you get against sun rays. The best sunglasses are wraparound or oversize ones. These will help maximize UV protection for your eyes. Also, make sure they fit your face and are comfortable.




Your lifestyle is a factor worth considering when choosing any eyewear. Consider your routine and the activities you engage in during the day. If you find yourself in several official meetings, your sunglasses may need to be a bit conservative. If your routine is more flexible with outdoor activity, you can add flair to your choice.


Face Shape


You want to choose glasses that complement your face. A common rule of thumb is to choose a shape that contrasts your face. If your face is round, get square or rectangular frame sunglasses. If your face is square or rectangular, you can get round frame sunglasses. This way, you make sure that you balance out your features and highlight them.


Other Special Features


There are many other additional features that you should keep in mind. They also contribute to the quality of vision and protection for your eyes. These features include polarization, mirror coating, impact resistance, and photochromic lenses.


Polarization is helpful when driving, boating, or out in the snow. It ensures you protect your eyes from glare. The same applies to mirror coating. However, make sure the glasses have UV protection if they have either.


Impact resistance will ensure that your eyes do not get hurt in an accident where the lenses shutter. The best kind of lenses for impact resistance are polycarbonate lenses. Photochromic lenses darken in bright light and vice versa. They are ideal for prescription lenses.


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