How Pediatric Eye Care Impacts Success in School

Vision changes in children occur during the first six years of their existence. During this time, they are most susceptible to vision problems that can hold them back and affect their academic achievements.


Clinical studies prove that children can have vision problems that affect their school success. Such issues are more than not being able to see the board. Statistics show that in the United States, school-aged children are significantly affected. One out of five preschoolers suffer from vision problems. Fortunately, pediatric eye care can solve this problem. Read on to learn how it can impact their academic success. 


What Is Pediatric Eye Care?


Pediatric eye care entails having a specialist deal with eye problems that children experience. It tackles issues that can affect vision and eye health in children. It incorporates technology and techniques to test eyesight in young children.


Common Vision Problems That Affect School-going Children


Vision and learning have a connection, making it essential to know how to identify vision problem signs in your child so that you can help them early. Below are the common vision problems that affect children:


  • Nearsightedness or myopia – This refractive error makes it difficult for children to see objects far away. They struggle to see presentations, signs, and whiteboards. 

  • Farsightedness or hyperopia – Close-up objects appear blurry due to this refractive error. Hyperopia can affect how your child learns, reads, takes tests, and writes.

  • Functional vision problems – A functional vision problem is when the eyes cannot move together in one line. Conditions related to this problem are amblyopia or strabismus. 

  • Color blindness – Inability to identify colors correctly. The condition is often found in males and is hereditary. 

  • Vision perception problems – Difficulty connecting a word to a picture and its representation in the brain. The problem occurs as the brain interprets the information the eyes see.


The Impact of Poor Vision on Success in School


Most aspects of school require your child to have healthy vision. They may not be successful in school if their vision affects daily tasks such as playing during recess or using the whiteboard in class. They may have difficulty focusing, staying on task, and understanding the assignments they get from their teachers.


Poor vision also impacts their depth perception and hand-eye coordination. Your child may struggle with following the words they read and moving their eyes while reading.


The Impact of Pediatric Eye Care on School Success


Pediatric eye care helps address vision and eye conditions in children. It helps avoid affecting their educational success while in school. Vision screenings and comprehensive eye exams help detect problems for early treatment. If your child has refractive errors, they can get prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Such treatment can help them read and write with ease. 


Pediatric eye care can help treat your child through various therapies to maintain focus and place while reading. Your child can also regain confidence and participate in activities without vision problems. Learning becomes easy as they will no longer struggle to read, focus, or write due to vision problems and the headaches that arise from them. They can interact freely and enjoy school like every other child.


Early Intervention Can Save Vision 


Healthy vision is a priority for all kids in their early childhood. Children with untreated vision problems are at a significant disadvantage in their education. Their development in school relies on their eye and vision health.


Ideally, pediatric eye exams can unlock the full potential of school-going children by allowing them to excel in their studies. The earlier you take your child for a pediatric eye exam, the better it is for their school performance. You allow them to be rounded in every aspect of their school life.


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