5 Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor Before a Contact Lens Exam

Contact lens exams are ideal for determining the size and type of contact lenses you need. They help you get contacts that manage your eye health problems and improve visual acuity. Visiting your eye doctor is the best time to ask them questions about a contact lens exam. Read on to know what questions to ask then.


Is a Contact Lens Exam Necessary?


A contact lens exam is compulsory if you want to wear contact lenses. Your specialist will evaluate if you are an eligible candidate for using them.


Contact lenses should fit your eye size and curvature. They should sit on your cornea comfortably for clear sight and comfort. You may experience discomfort or blurry vision if you wear contact lenses that do not fit properly. You may also increase the risk of getting a corneal infection or abrasion.


Is There a Difference Between a Contact Lens Exam and an Eye Exam?


A contact lens exam is different from an eye exam. Your eye doctor will do an eye exam after or before your contact lens exam. A contact lens exam deals with fitting contact lenses ideal for your condition. An eye exam helps diagnose problems affecting your eyes to promote your ocular health.


What Can One Expect During a Contact Lens Exam?


The first thing your eye doctor will do during your contact lens exam is to check if you are suitable to wear contact lenses. They may conduct a tear film evaluation. Doing so will check if your eyes produce enough tears to keep the eye surface moist, lubricated, and comfortable when you wear contacts.


The next test will involve measuring the surface of your eyes. Doing so is vital as it determines the size and type of contact lenses ideal for your eyes.


Your optometrist will ask you about your needs and wants in contact lenses. You can take the opportunity and talk about your expectations and if you want colored or disposable contacts. Once they obtain all that information, they can determine and provide you with an ideal contact lens prescription for your eyes.


Your eye doctor can provide your trial contact lenses in some cases. They will ask you to wear them to ensure they fit correctly and correct your vision.


How Long Will a Contact Lens Exam Take?


Typically, a contact lens exam can last 20 to 30 minutes. It may take more than that if your eye doctor dilates your eyes for a screening. You will also require a contact lens fitting.


How Often Does One Need a Contact Lens Exam?


Annual checkups are vital to evaluate your eye health. Contact lenses limit the amount of oxygen that gets to your cornea. Therefore, yearly checkups are ideal for checking if your eyes are okay or not. They also examine whether you need a new prescription.


After every contact lens exam, you may need a follow-up appointment after wearing the lenses for seven to 10 days. Your eye doctor ensures that the contacts fit correctly and satisfy your needs.


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